In this age, advertising can take any form and shape. It could be the poster that you see on the train station, the video you see on the internet, or in the newspaper you read every day. It could be great way to connect with the individual and the society and show what your brand is about. These types of advertising below can lead the way to your success:




  1. Mobile Advertising

This is arguably the most recent type of advertising but it has reached a lot more attention in this age. This can use cell phones, tablets, and a lot of other portable device that has internet connection. A lot of companies use the social media platform to advertise like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more. This can be a great way for start-ups but it’s definitely hard to maintain.

  1. Financial Advertising

This can help get funds if you want your company to grow. This can be seen in the business sections of the newspapers and magazines. This could potentially attract investors, shareholders, advisers and a lot more.


  1. Product Advertising

This is a way to promote branded goods and services within a movie or a television show. This is a great way to advertise implicitly. It’s also a great way for films and television shows to get fundings and for the advertisers to reach a new demographic of customers.

  1. Brochures, Flyers and Other Printed Media

This can also be seen in the newspapers and magazines but they can be treated as a different level. This is a more intimate way in engaging the costumer. This is preferable of you want a lot of information to be seen by the costumer.

  1. 5. Public Service Advertising

This is a way to educate and give information about the product than anything else. They usually appear on the television and also radio but right now, they are also seen heavily online.

  1. Online Advertising

All of the advertisements that you see on online, they are considered as online advertising. Most of the popular websites have ads in them because they get revenue from it. This can also be seen in the ads in social media platforms. This is one of the easiest way to get attention and the fastest way to connect with the costumers since everyone has and knows how to get online nowadays.

  1. Guerilla Advertising

This type of advertising usually has a low budget and therefore it needs to be creative in its means. This has been very prominent for two decades now. It’s highly unconventional and unorthodox because it invites the costumers to participate in the ad in some way. This is one of the best ways to get attention because it is spread via the word of mouth, which is the greatest way if you want to get people talking about it.


There are a lot more types of advertising and sometimes a one type is more highly preferred than others. It all depends on the demographic that you want to achieve.

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