Sometimes, when we turn on the TV and we see all these advertisements on food, we think that they look very different from what we actually see in reality. The colors, the texture, and the quality is not very close from what we actually see. Sometimes, the lettuce of a burger can look very green and fresh on the advertisement but when we actually get to buy it, most of the time we get disappointed because it’s not what we expected.

This happens because food stylists go the extra mile and do a little tweaks here and there to make the food more appealing to the senses and to the eyes. Food styling is like combination of a props department and at the same time a make-up artist for the food. Even though these advertisements show the food far from how it looks from the reality, we can’t deny that these really do make us salivate a little bit.



Food styling can go as far as using glue and soap bubbles for the food to look good. However, some of the ways below are the least extreme and can really make a difference in the appearance of the food. These tips can also be applied to your everyday food to make it more palatable plus, you won’t need a food stylist!

  1. 1. Apply all your ingredients separately.

Don’t put anything on one bowl. Usually people dump everything in one plate. They’re not going to be evenly distributed therefore the color is not pretty on the eye. Toss each ingredient one by one so your food could look balanced and you could see all the ingredients. Sometimes, the one side can look fuller than the other and that won’t look presentable on the camera.

  1. Think like the camera

Sometimes, people don’t take into consideration that the food is going to be shot on a camera.  You don’t see like the cameras do. Take a sample and think like you’re seeing from the camera. Put the best looking ingredient on you perspective. Know what you are trying to sell and revolve the shot from there. You want to put the best looking ingredient to be in the center of your photo.

  1. Spray and brush

This is one of the most important and one of the oldest trick in the book. If you’re trying to sell vegetables, spray nothing but water on it. It gives a very fresh and crisp look to the ingredients. If you’re to sell protein, on the other hand, brush it with oil. You can either use vegetable oil or the fat from cooking. It will create this shine and it will take your photo to a whole new appetizing level.

  1. Create imperfection

You don’t want your food to look too staged or too artificial. For vegetables, add a little bit of drops of water to give it a bit of freshness and would look natural.  A food that looks too staged wouldn’t look too inviting.

  1. Always garnish

You can’t go wrong with garnish. Make it look more fun and vivid. You’re giving the food a different layer of texture and different levels of flavor.

If you’re starting a business and you want your food to look its best when advertised, follow the steps above. Also consider that nothing beats the naturally good food. You want the food to look the best because you want to give justice to the taste. If you want to take your food and catering to a Hollywood level, you can always check out many tips on how to do it because of the power of internet and advertising!



In this age, advertising can take any form and shape. It could be the poster that you see on the train station, the video you see on the internet, or in the newspaper you read every day. It could be great way to connect with the individual and the society and show what your brand is about. These types of advertising below can lead the way to your success:




  1. Mobile Advertising

This is arguably the most recent type of advertising but it has reached a lot more attention in this age. This can use cell phones, tablets, and a lot of other portable device that has internet connection. A lot of companies use the social media platform to advertise like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more. This can be a great way for start-ups but it’s definitely hard to maintain.

  1. Financial Advertising

This can help get funds if you want your company to grow. This can be seen in the business sections of the newspapers and magazines. This could potentially attract investors, shareholders, advisers and a lot more.


  1. Product Advertising

This is a way to promote branded goods and services within a movie or a television show. This is a great way to advertise implicitly. It’s also a great way for films and television shows to get fundings and for the advertisers to reach a new demographic of customers.

  1. Brochures, Flyers and Other Printed Media

This can also be seen in the newspapers and magazines but they can be treated as a different level. This is a more intimate way in engaging the costumer. This is preferable of you want a lot of information to be seen by the costumer.

  1. 5. Public Service Advertising

This is a way to educate and give information about the product than anything else. They usually appear on the television and also radio but right now, they are also seen heavily online.

  1. Online Advertising

All of the advertisements that you see on online, they are considered as online advertising. Most of the popular websites have ads in them because they get revenue from it. This can also be seen in the ads in social media platforms. This is one of the easiest way to get attention and the fastest way to connect with the costumers since everyone has and knows how to get online nowadays.

  1. Guerilla Advertising

This type of advertising usually has a low budget and therefore it needs to be creative in its means. This has been very prominent for two decades now. It’s highly unconventional and unorthodox because it invites the costumers to participate in the ad in some way. This is one of the best ways to get attention because it is spread via the word of mouth, which is the greatest way if you want to get people talking about it.


There are a lot more types of advertising and sometimes a one type is more highly preferred than others. It all depends on the demographic that you want to achieve.


Advertising can be a great way to boost your sales. It can help you and your consumer to get only the very best that can cater to what you really need. It reaches the international domain through the social media domains among others. It has the transcended from the corners of the country and into the international border. Advertising proves to be very helpful in the development of your brand, your business, and your country.



  • Very much publicized products are by and large better in quality. Specific firms may promote useless merchandise but then again the best brand with the best quality will always remain at the top. By the end of the day, only the very best can withstand time and changes in trend.
  • Manufacturers are constrained to keep up the nature of the merchandise promoted. Although you’re going to cash out a little bit, advertising could give you the revenue multiplied by a lot more than what you’ve given out when it’s done right.
  • Advertisements educate and give information to the public. It empowers the costumer to know precisely what he needs and where to get it. Promoting in this way makes the life of the customer easy because it’s convenient for them.
  • People could get information about a new product. As individuals utilize these new and most recent products, their way of life gets easier. Advertising is proven useful in giving work and increasing salary of the general population. Not only does it positively affect the costumers, it also affects your company greatly in a positive way.
  • Advertisements give the company a certain branding or looks to enhance its quality and lower its cost. It can enhance their own particular item as opposed to discovering deficiency with the result of their opponents. It helps in creating a healthy competition among companies.
  • Advertising is a great way to get and produce greater work openings and making differing sorts of employments. It gives employment to people who are good at crafting, screen printing, square producing, and making scripts among others.
  • With advertising, retailers and the businessmen can try to pull in clients by giving better and more tasteful service. This is an extra advantage to the customer achieved by promoting.
  • Advertising is a medium to keep all media communications alive like the Daily papers, Magazines, T.V., Radio, and so on. Because some of the media communication cannot survive without revenue and advertising helps in bringing the money in. These media of correspondence keep the general public very much educated. Their reality is of most extreme vital and they can survive just by promoting.
  • If the advertisement of a particular product or service is made correctly at the right place and at the right time and through a very good communication media, it can attract many new customers. It can help to get a feel of the trend in the market and could increase the sales of an advertiser.


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